Louise has written and delivered her natural health classes to all ages around the world. She works within primary and secondary schools to promote whole body health, using emotional and physical healing techniques. A naturopath and nutritional therapist (ND and NTP) and published author, she qualified in London over 7 years ago and currently runs a successful natural health practice  called Loula Natural. Passionate about using nature and natural processes to heal, nurture and strengthen the body, mind and spirit Louise specializes in family health and she is well versed in the tools offered in this mindfulness program.  Widely recognized for her work in children’s nutrition she extends this to help children to re-connect their nervous, immune and hormonal systems and empower them to use these tools to enhance their whole lifetime.

Kate is passionate about helping adults and children live better, happier and more balanced lives. As a  Kinesiologist she finds and addresses  the causes of health,  emotional and developmental problems and assists with recovery. She supports people in achieving life goals, reaching optimum health and reducing the impact of stress. Certified as a Neuro Energetic Kinesiologist (NK Institute, Australia) with over 500 hours of training, Kate also uses Applied Physiology (Krebs), coaching and counselling, acupressure, needle-less acupuncture and cranial release therapy. Kate practices mindfulness meditation and has spent many hours in Vipassana retreats. She has co-written adult mindfulness & kinesiology workshops.  She is qualified in holistic massage and anatomy and physiology (ITEC, CIBTAC – UK), first aid, Reiki II, reflexology and infant massage and has  held careers in teaching and event management.