We are running after school classes for children and parent workshops. Please contact us to book into a class. We are currently enrolling students in Sha Tin, Hong Lok Yuen and Sai Kung. We can arrange private groups and workshops for children and adults.

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Inner Rainbow Mindfulness Course

The course is aimed at different ages and delivered in an age-appropriate way but the same core skill set and tools will be available to all participants. The key aim is to allow you to take back control and responsibility for your body and mind, no matter what age you are, in a way that is appropriate and accessible to you and your abilities. To recover communication both with yourself and the world around you, step by step. To teach skills you should have and need to be able to react to the world around you with more care and better effect.

We are not perfect beings, we are allowed to make mistakes, however its is what we take from those hiccups and how we react to them that matters.

What the Inner Rainbow Mindfulness course contains:

During the class you should expect to benefit from the following tools we bring to the class:

Inner Rainbow skills (1)

Each week we will use a different colour corresponding to a different Chakra area of the body (see our article on the chakras here). This will allow us to open up different emotions, physicality and provide focus. Each week builds onto the next. The class will help participants to engage all their senses using age appropriate movement exercises (such as moving meditation and Brain Gym exercises which may help to increase focus, relieve stress and improve left-right brain co-ordination), meditations, food discussions, emotional communication games, aromatherapy oilsBach Flower Remedies, breath work, Kinesiology muscle testing, EFT (in some cases), crystals and journal either writing or drawing (depending on ability and desire to communicate).

Alongside the weekly classes, we have complied exclusive online content including;

Video of the exercises

MP3 recordings of the meditations

Crystal cards,

Aromatherapy cards

Bach Remedy Cards

Cards with tips and foods discussed in the class.


This will be available to continue you ‘work’ outside the class room and help build these new skills into your daily lives at a pace that suits you. We will guide you in developing and adapting personal goals.

Rainbow Crystal Bead-Moonstone

Each week will have a crystal bead to build a Chakra Rainbow band, a room spray with Bach Flower Remedies and aromatherapy oils to help to build your safe space and routine at homeWe will also provide a notebook for journaling activities. These should be brought back each week/ to any future workshops.